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We offer different solutions to suit each of your needs

Our priority is supporting you or your business by provding a hassle-free delivery experience.


We invest in experienced drivers, effictive software and keeping our pricing affordable in order to help you find versatile ways of saving time using our services.

You can get a quote with us if you need to run a personal errand or make an emergency delivery. 

Using API intergration and streamlined route optimization, your business can partner with us to reach your customers in record time.  


We make sending packages a hassle-free experience for you. Our customer support team makes parcel delivery effortless in three simple steps:

1. Click - Fill out details about your delivery and get a quote in a single click. We will get back to you to find out how we can help.

2. Request - Arrange a collection and delivery with one of our customer service agents and pay.

3. Send - One of our drivers will collect your package immedietely (or at your scheduled time) and make sure your packages arrives at its destination on time.



Keeping your customers happy is important. But great service is what keeps them coming back. Cultivate consistent customer satisfaction through comprehensive management of parcel fulfillment in three easy steps:

1. Consult - You get a free 15 min discovery call with our business development lead so we can understand your unique needs and create a bespoke solution.

2. Sign-up - When our tailored solution is the right fit, our business development team will onboard you as a partner, familiarizing your business with our logistics web app. The platform gives you a comprehensive view into all aspects of your service. 

3. Deliver - Once you have been onboaded, our customer service team will have drivers on standby to carry our your first deliveries.

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Last-mile delivery crafted to accomodate the uniqueness of your needs.

Time is valuable for different reasons to an individual compared to a business. 

Each of our services have features designed to maximize resources, optimize pricing and prioritize efficiency. We give you or your business time back.

For The Individual

Flexible scheduling

We have instant user support - we are ready to accomodate your needs should you reschedule. We accomodate changes in time or distance made up to 1 hour before the scheduled time. 

Precise delivery updates

You get alerted about your package every step of the way, ensuring you are aware of the journey of your parcel and notified with proof of delivery via email or SMS. 

For The Business

Monthly status reports

Get monthly stats on deliveries fulfilled, detailing routes and status of each delivery (time taken). 

API powered route optimization

Delivery routes optimized using intergrated API and in-house Sendr software to reach as many customers as possible per selected radius, optimizing cost and resources. 

  • Is Sendr suitable for me?
    Have an errand you want to run but short on time? Your business struggling to get to all your customers in time? We've got you covered. We're specialists in bespoke delivery solutions - we know no two delirevies are the same. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support your individual needs.
  • How much will this cost me?
    We pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive yet personalized - cost is determined by distance, time within which the delivery needs to be fulfilled and by the volume serviced per radius. Out quoting system personalises the delivery to save you time and avoid breaking the bank.
  • How long will my delivery take?
    On-demand delivery: we arrange immediate collection that happens within 30 mins of payment. Delivery happens within 90 mins. Route optimized business deliveries: these are arranged according to schedules created to dispatch as many packages within a selected radius. Priotitizes high volume per radius serviced by leveraging scheduling with your customers.
  • What are your operating hours?
    We're available to take your package where it needs to do from 7am to 6pm on weekdays, 9am to 4pm on weekends.
  • Do you deliver between cities?
    No, we are specialists in last-mile delivery within the following cities: Johannesburg Pretoria Cape Town Durban East London
  • How much will my errand cost me?
    Send an email to with the collection & delivery addresses and let us know if you'll need a bike or bakkie to help you run your errand. We'll respond within 60 minutes with a comprehensive quote.

Have More Questions?

Reach our to one of our customer service agents, we want to get to know you better too!

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