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On-demand delivery service reimagined

Sendr delivers packages seamlessly, helping your package reach its destination in record time.

On-demand Delivery Service

Customized fulfillment services to suit your individual or industry-specific needs. We specialize in bespoke on-demand and messenger delivery solutions.


 We help you reprioritize your time to other parts of your life or business.

Route Optimization

Our route optimization software allows for multiple drop-offs along the same route, saving you time and allowing you to target more than one location within a 30km radius. This means reaching more of your customers. We prioritize efficiency in order to save you time.

Instant User Support

Connection matters, so our dedicated internal customer service team is always available. Our web-based business portal allows you to address any hiccups in your scheduled deliveries, change your addresses and communicate directly with the team if you have specific queries.

Route optimization

We use the route optimization model to deliver medication for  pharmacies, with dedicated stores to which Sendr delivers medication daily.


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Discover ways to hack time with reliable parcel delivery

01. For Your Business -  Consult. Sign Up. Deliver.

Need goods to reach your customers or businesses? Your journey with us begins with a consultation to understand your business' unique needs. The result is sustained customer satisfaction fueled by a bespoke delivery solution.


We know time is money, but we believe it's more. Time enables your business to thrive. And route optimised solutions prioritize timely collections and deliveries.


We enable your business to use Sendr as an in-house fulfillment service through our corporate logistics web-based app. 

02. For You - Click. Request. Send.

An important document or item still sitting on the kitchen counter at home? We offer last-mile delivery, helping your package get to its destination in 90 minutes. 

Time is invaluable - our parcel delivery ensures you don't have to waste any of yours. 

We offer instact collection and an option to send your package immedietely or schedule your preferred time for delivery.

You get peace of mind knowing your package is on its way with custom emails and SMS notification updates on the status of your delivery. 

No two deliveries are the same.

We specialize in personalized solutions,  supporting the uniqueness of your package to the last mile.

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Get in Touch

Got a parcel or two you need to get somewhere?

We'll take care of it for you. Get in touch and one of our customer care agents will reach out to you.

WhatsApp: +27 67 174 6749

Landline:    +27  10 312  5909

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